About us

Vernon school of cricket is here for you, regardless of your level of participation in this great game. It is our fervent hope that this small step we are taking today will turn out to be a very significant step for the future of cricket.

Training in correct techniques, opportunities for adequate practice and dedication to the game are the most essential ingredients for success in cricket. We hope to provide all these at this school. In addition, we shall emphasize the importance of disciple both on and off the field. “All round training” in every sense of the term will be our motto.

Vernon School of Cricket is run by Vernon Senanayake, an ECB and SLC qualified Cricket Coach. Since 1983, Vernon has successfully helped many players achieve outstanding success at all levels, including playing for their country. Vernon brings all his experience as a first-class cricketer into his coaching and his ability to manage and nurture the talent for the future comes from his contribution and support towards the Under 19 Cricket World Cup 2000.