Player Tips

Welcome to the players tips section of the vernon school of cricket website. The information below should explain some of the finer points of the main aspects of the sport:


  • Simple and very balance stance
  • Feet parallel & foot length apart
  • Firm Grip Hands close together
  • Weight evenly distributed
  • Knees flexed side on relaxed
  • Move your head and shoulders towards the bowl to play
  • Get behind the ball when you play back foot


  • Correct grip for the type you are bowling
  • Smooth run up
  • Correct coil position
  • Release the ball right time, not too early
  • Head still all the time
  • Good follow-through


  • Always think that ball is coming to you – be alert
  • Walking in with the bowler, if you are on the out field
  • Be ready and keep yourself very low position, if you field close to the bat
  • Do not point your fingers towards the ball when Catching
  • On your toes all the time and keep your body behind the ball to stop and catch the ball

Wicket keeping

  • Always think that ball is coming to you, even batsman is hits the ball
  • Do not stand early
  • Always try to keep your body behind the ball
  • Never grab the ball let the ball come in to your hands
  • Move your head towards the ball, first

Warm Ups

  • Always do warm up before and after each training session and a game to stop injuries
  • Last for 10 to 15 minutes depending on whether you are Batting or fielding
  • Starts jogging to running, finally sprinting
  • Followed by Dynamic stretches

Good warm up will help you to raise heart rate and warm muscles and also increase range of movement around joints.

Warm Downs

  • Last for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Walking and jogging
  • Stretches (correct static stretches)

This will allow you to relax your body and mind and keep you in shape ready for future actions.